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'Human beings are social by nature: in the increasingly connected world in which we live, social inclusivity is becoming a shared value among all of us, and so is the importance of a sense of belongingness.


The value of public spaces has been deeply felt since the early beginnings: from the Greek “agorà” to the Roman “forum”, public spaces were built to lay the foundations of each citizens’ wellbeing and quality of life.

This is why “Social Design for Real Life” has always been our mission: we intend to create and revitalize public spaces where communities come alive; where new connections are created, economic development and environmental sustainability are fostered.'


Metalco's mission of sociality is focused on inspiring a sense of belongingness in our communities and bringing people together. Their products create beautiful places that transform outdoor experiences and encourage people to socialize, connect and thrive. 

Id Created is the US distributor of Metalco products.


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